Freitag, 21. August 2015


Good morning pretty people out there living in this beautiful world.

Last week I was having a shooting, just not me in front but behind the camera.
And my model waaaaaaas: MY DOOOOGGGY <333
I just wanted to show you our little baby in my family. She's 7 months old by now ( I know, I can't call puppy anymore.. but she's so smaaallll :( ) and she can be such a little diva! (princess in the making of course. haha)

The story behind our little E M M A is actually kind of funny and maybe a little different than others.We used to have a dog already until maybe a couple of years ago when she died. So after a while the "kids" in this house thought about getting a new dog which could bring joy and laughter and fun and cozy-couch-nights to our home. Though, my parents didn't want another dog.. Whatever reason they had.

I mean you can perfectly live without a dog, but its just not worth it right? (To all the cat-lovers out there: Of course a cat is also lovely! :) )

So this year in march, my brothers girlfriend and I started to look on the internet what kind of dog we want and where they have puppies, but we were never brave enough to JUST GO GET ONE.

Until March 15th 2015: The day our heart melted away because of all these cute puppies we went to visit and have a look at. Luckily out of 10 puppies there was one left and she was the absolut cutest out of all of them.

So we just said YES, I signed the contract to come get her next week and we looked at each other and started smiling. Even laughing in the car about what just happened and how my parents would react, because they didn't know a single thing.

The only ones knowing were my boyfriend and I, my brother and his girlfriend. My boyfriend was not so excited about it because he was the only one thinking about all the "negative" sides like how am I gonna keep her in my apartment or how much does a dog cost and maybe I will be too busy with studying.. Since I was in such euphoria, I told him that it would be perfectly fine and she will be lovely and he will begin to love her and realize how wrong he was.. (just the regular stuff girls tell their boyfriends )

My brother was actually kind of excited but didn't want to have anything to do with this whole secret-puppy-surprise just in case my parents would get angry.

When we wanted to go the store and buy some stuff for our new Emma, we told my mom we would go shopping a little just for her to stay home, because her foot was broken and she couldn't walk much. Instead of staying home like she should, she wanted to come with us! So well, we really went shopping then :D

A few days before the BIG DAY, we sat in the kitchen, looking for and ordering online all the things a dog needs while my dad even asked what we were doing... Ummm shopping...  :)))

The day was here and we told my brother to make our parents stay home for our arrival and we left the house saying we would go shopping again, a little more far away because we needed some time and  "because we still didn't find what we were looking for".

So we went to get our little baby and came home. She cried the whole ride but whenever we got her out of the car she walked towards the door.. Imagine, she was as big as a shoe. So my mom first didn't even see her. haha

I saw my brother smiling when my Dad opened the door without saying a word. He was speechless and surprised and first didn't wanna believe us she was mine.
Later on after a few hours they realized that we were finally having a dog again, and she was such a cutiepie that everyone wanted to hold her! :D

So last week, my little diva and I had a little shooting:


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