Montag, 19. Dezember 2016


If you happen to get on this page then I can tell you that I no longer live in this area. I mean I love this neighborhood, the area '' has taught me so much! I grew up in this area and met so many new friends who I played with after school! Some of them don't even live here anymore themselves so my Mom thought its time to move as well.

We now live in '', or rather in a hood thats only called '' near wordpress. Like, we have our OWN neighborhood. Even though I don't have any neighbors anymore, and I have to play all by myself after uni, I am really happy with this decision! So if you wanna come visit me in my new home, thats also A WHOLE LOT more tidy and cleaner than this, just hop on the bus and he drops you right off at my house. (I know, a bus just for my house! How cool is that?!)

So this is the last blogpost in this hood, and I'm saying thank you for making all this happen and for letting me grow so much.


Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016


As dark as the weather in hamburg sometimes, is also my wardrobe. And I love these colors! The darker, and the more different shades, the better. And thats why I wanted to show you this outfit today where I basically layered everything to make it cozy. (and for those of you who don't know what layering is: wearing one lightweight piece upon another ;) )

So dunkel wie das Wetter in Hamburg manchmal sieht auch hauptsächlich mein Kleiderschrank aus. Und ich liebe diese Farben! Je dunkler, und je mehr verschiedene Töne, desto besser! Genau deshalb zeige ich euch heute dieses Outfit, bei dem ich ziemlich viel gelayered habe. (Für die die nicht wissen was layering ist: Schichten von Kleidung ;) )

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